What Does Your Handbag Say About You?

November 02, 2018 3 min read

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Handbags aren’t just a fashion accessory for Women. As times have changes and Women have become more mobile: CEO’s, business owners, working professionals, and more. And with that, the women’s handbag has become the go to survival kit - keeping all our items (Yes, even makeup and hand lotion) close and secure. Handbags give you a feeling of security, that you can conquer the day with everything you need within fingers reach.


And the best part is, you can never grow out of a handbag.You may have every style of purse in your arsenal, but you probably grab the same reliable bag whenever you leave your house. According to body language experts, this isn’t a random occurrence. The style and even the way a woman hold her bag says a lot about her personality.


Here’s what your bag says about you:


Over the shoulder bag

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This style of women’s handbags says a lot about your calm and laid back demeanor. You tend to be relaxed throughout the day and naturally at peace. You go through your work week with a positive attitude and determination, rather than dwelling on the days until the weekend begins.

You tend to be a glass half full kind of gal. Always ready for the next opportunity with a positive outlook, but a strong preparation for the unexpected. Rather than seeing adversity as a road block, you take on life as a challenge to overcome. You tend to be a thoughtful friend, non judgmental, and care deeply about the wellbeing of others (as long as they don’t rain on your parade)



Cross-body bag

The brown leather cross-body bag is your classic favorite. Cross-body bags can be dressed up or down, so you usually grab this one when you’re in a hurry. Women who wear their handbags close to their bodies feel a need to keep their belongings right where they can see them. You’re likely to be a practical individual, who’s more business than playful. You like practicality, and being able to wear your bag front or bag screams practical. On the flip side, a cross-body bag can be worn in the back. Women who wear their bags in this position are more of the go-getter variety. Confident, sure of self, and destined to accomplish the goals she’s set ahead of her.

crossbody bag | women's handbags


Oversized Tote Bag

Tote bags are some of the most popular styles of women’s handbags. But what does an oversized tote say about you? Well, you tend to be a bit of an over thinker, but prepared for anything. Due to all this overthinking, you’re bound to have your bags in a bit of chaos. Packing the essentials, the “maybe-I’ll-need-it’s,” and the “anything-could-happen,” items all in one. You likely have a habit of digging through your bag frequently, and losing your car keys and phone is an everyday occurrence. But hey, at least you’re prepared for anything!

Colette Leather Tote Bag

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These bags come and go with you, in your hand. This shows you’re a free spirit that enjoys the come and go lifestyle. You live for the thrill, the new, and the exciting. You’re a Woman who loves spontaneous texts from a friend to go for drinks at 12AM. You’re likely very confident in who you are, not easily intimidated, and always ready to tackle the world (with your lovely handbag in hand, of course)

Did we get it right? What handbag do you LOVE wearing and why? Let us know in the comments below. 

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