The Most Popular Women's Sunglasses in 2018

The Most Popular Women's Sunglasses in 2018

Any kind of sunglasses, whether it’s cat eye sunglasses or oversized frames, can give you an edgy and sometimes sexy look that’s bound to upgrade your ensemble.

There are plenty of great sunglasses styles for women that have grown in popularity this summer. Discover the latest trends in women’s sunglasses with this list of perfect possibilities!


1. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses have always been a symbol of femininity. Made popular by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, cat eye sunglasses are a must in every top women’s sunglasses list.


Glitic's Madison is just one of the many styles that will help you bring the vintage cat eye look to life. These versatile cat eye sunglasses can be worn casually, or with a more formal attire making it perfect for almost any look you can throw together. 

Black and red are what's most trending in women's sunglasses this season. If you opt for a pair of cat eye sunglasses, try to pick a black or red frame. 

red cat eye glasses


2. Oversized Sunglasses 

Large sunglasses are amongst the most popular women’s sunglasses because they are eye-catching and engaging, a sort of an invitation to a mingle.

oversized glasses

Oversized Sunglasses are always trending, and add a unique spark of attitude to your ensemble. These beauties come in a variety of shapes and shades. Depending on your face shape, you can go with round, square, or oval oversized sunglasses.


Suggested Face Shape

As for our suggestion, the ideal face shape for oversized sunglasses is an oval or plump face. 


3. Clear Sunglasses Frames

Clear Glasses Frames are one of those coolest sunglasses styles that you can’t go wrong with.  They have a amazing way of bringing light to your face and complimenting your unique facial features.


clear frames glasses  


Have you decided which styles works best for you?  Now all you need is to order you frames online!

You can buy sunglasses online from Glitic. All you need to do is go on the Sunglasses Collection Page, choose the pair you like and check out using our secure checkout process.

Sunglasses change the way we see the world and the way the world sees us. We've shared with you the most popular sunglasses styles for the summer season, so if you are planning to make a wardrobe change know that you have chosen wisely!


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